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Steve SchappertConnecticut Buyer's Agent is a Connecticut buyer’s agent, a nationally recognized exclusive buyer broker and an award winning Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor. 

Schappert is uniquely qualified to help you locate, negotiate and renovate your dream home or investment property.

Are You Searching For A Connecticut Buyer’s Agent?

Buyers Trust is more than a Connecticut Buyer’s agent. Buyers Trust is an exclusive buyer brokerage.  We NEVER have a conflict of interest with representation.  Buyers Trust never never represents the seller.  At Buyers Trust Real Estate & Investment our life doesn’t revolve around trying to get paid by both sides. You can’t promise to get the best deal for both sides in a transaction. Think about divorce attorneys representing both spouses.  At our first meeting we promise to do our very best for you and nobody else. Through out the transaction that never changes. You will never be asked to sign a dual agency agreement.

Hiring  A Connecticut Exclusive Buyer Broker Is The Best Decision You Will Make Regarding Buying A Home in Connecticut.  You Should Call Steve Schappert Today To Start The Connecticut Home Buying Process 203-994-3950

The Average Home Price in Connecticut is about $243,000, we have included a sampling is below.

Are You A Connecticut Buyer’s Agent?

Buyers Trust Real Estate is hiring over 100 exclusive buyer agents in the State of Connecticut. Smart home buyers  should work with exclusive buyer brokers and their exclusive buyer agents. We are looking for Connecticut Buyer’s Agents that take pride in doing one thing to the best of their abilities.  Buyers Trust Wants buyer agents that believe in providing the absolute best for our home buyers and investors.  Learn More

3 Things That Will Ensure Your Success As A Connecticut Buyer’s Agent:

  1. Commitment to world class client service
  2. Dedication to learning everything you can about the investment side of real estate.
  3. Working for a Brokerage that is committed to making you the premiere buyer’s agent in your market area.

Here Is What The Department Of Consumer Protection Has To Say About Connecticut Buyer Agents

WORKING WITH BUYERS ACCORDING TO CT DCP: “The law allows licensees to work with a buyer as either a client or customer. The law does not require that a licensee enter into an agency relationship with a buyer as a client, in order for the licensee to provide services to the buyer. A licensee can work with a buyer without representing the buyer in one of two ways. (A licensee can also provide some services to a buyer that the licensee intends to potentially represent before a buyer agency agreement is entered into…

First, the broker can be the buyer’s agent as long as the buyer agrees with this. If a licensee represents a buyer, the law requires that a written buyer agency agreement be entered into before the licensee negotiates on behalf of the buyer (see paragraph 5 for further detail on what constitutes negotiating and the timing).

Second, a licensee can work with a buyer as a customer, meaning that the licensee does not represent the buyer.

The licensee can show the buyer in-house listings, in which cases the licensee is the agent of the seller. The licensee can also show the buyer another firm’s listing by being the sub-agent of the seller, after obtaining the seller’s written consent to subagency.

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DCP On Dual Agency

“IMPORTANT: Some agents urge clients to sign a Dual Agency form (as “just a formality”) when they sign the agent up to sell their home. This is not a fair practice. Consumers should not sign the Dual Agency consent form in advance. A seller should sign the form only if and when another client of their sales agent is ready to make an offer on the seller’s home.”

“A Buyer’s agent represents the interests of the buyer in a real estate transaction. The Buyer’s agent’s responsibilities to the buyer are: undivided loyalty, obedience, diligence, disclosure, confidentiality, accounting, and reasonable skill and care. All duties are fiduciary — they are owed exclusively to the buyer – NOT to the seller.” – CT Dept. of Consumer Protection

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